Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 weeks!!

So at just over 10 weeks we got to have our first "normal" OB appointment. To my surprise we even got to schedule an ultrasound beforehand. The dad of the babies was there, but the mom couldn't be and I couldn't reschedule, so I brought my video camera and let him take a video of the ultrasound so I could put it up on YouTube. This way she could watch it while she is out of town. Technology is so amazing! Both little babies are just looking perfect - measuring right on, heartbeats in the 160s, and really just the cutest things you've ever seen in your life (hey, they're not mine, so I can brag!!) :) Getting an ultrasound at all is just an amazing experience, but to get to see 2 babies at the same time - it just takes my breath away! I'm still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that there is more than one in there. My jeans, on the other hand, are not having a hard time believing there are two at all!! I'm already busting out, and we have 30 more weeks to go (yikes!). I'm trying to go for the "hey, I'll just unbutton and unzip my pants and pull my shirt down and no one will know" look, but I think it has already backfired on me a couple times out in public - oops. Guess it's time to pull out the glorious stretchy comfortable fat pants!

So lots of good things this week. I was feeling pretty rotten at the beginning of the week - tired and nauseous mostly. But today, I feel great! I just jinxed myself, I know. But my doctor said if I have gotten this far without throwing up I am in the clear and things should start getting a little less gross feeling. AND best news of all, I get to stop all my meds in 3 short days. FREEDOM!!! What a wonderful feeling knowing that I get to stop all the injections, patches, creams, pills...... ahhhh! I don't think I'll know what to do with myself all day not having a schedule of these things to follow. It will be wonderful!

I'm just so thankful things are going well so far. I truly need this to be a good experience, and knowing I am on my way now feels so incredibly uplifting. And I get to have the pleasure of chilling out with these 2 amazing little babies for the next 6 months or so... pretty lucky I think!!
Now if I can just get my emotions in check. I am not a very emotional person, but good lord, I not only find myself tearing up at commercials, songs, stories.... but come on now, crying at an episode (although a very moving one!) of Dora.... yeah, I need to get this in check. Darn hormones..... :)