Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy News....

So at my last appointment Kendra and Tony shared with me some news....

she is pregnant!!

I didn't post it then because I thought I would wait until she got past the point of her last miscarriages, and she just had an ultrasound and everything is looking good. So it is safe to say she will be having 2 babies 1 month apart from eachother... how crazy is that!!!
Of course the news was shocking to them and me as well. At first I just felt bad, like that they really don't need me here. I mean, I wanted to have a baby for a couple who couldn't have one themselves, and here we are! And for everything they have spent financially and emotionally to get me pregnant for them, it seemed kind of to be a waste if they didn't need to do this after all.
But it seems that maybe her body was able to get pregnant because after these past few years struggling with trying to have a baby, she was finally able to just relax knowing that they had one little bun in the oven growing away. It will be really awesome to see this all unfold. I can't begin to imagine what it will be like for them bringing home a newborn from the hospital and being 9 months pregnant... it will definitely be a challenge, but I am sure once they get their 2 little ones home safe and sound it will be just wonderful. So they will be getting their twins (sort of!) after all :)
Because of her blood clotting issue (which is why they didn't use their own embryos on themselves) they are monitoring her blood closely and will medicate if necessary to keep the baby safely put, but it seems like everything is going okay so far, so that is good. So it won't be exactly the journey I was expecting, but I guess the only thing better than getting one baby out of this situation, is getting two! And the greatest thing of all is that the baby I am having for them will have a sibling, which is truly wonderful and makes me happy!

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  1. My oh my! This is a surprise alright. WOW!!! But I liked your comment about the baby having a sibling. Life is so much more enjoyable with siblings.