Monday, April 12, 2010

First Ultrasound...

So THERE'S the reason I have been feeling so awful this past week! I've been living in a cloud of denial that this nausea/achiness/crabiness was just the onset of the flu. But seeing these two little amazing sacs puts those thoughts of the flu to the back of my mind. It makes sense now :) I have also been so incredibly hungry. Pregnancy hunger is unlike any other. Sure, you may have just ate lunch an hour ago, but out of nowhere you feel as if you have been deprived of food for an entire week. And you must shove something, anything, into your mouth like NOW. And if you don't, you might just die of starvation right then and there. This hunger may result in waking up in the middle of the night for a bowl or cereal, or maybe sneaking into a bathroom stall while shopping with a friend to stuff a granola bar in your mouth (embarrassingly I have done both!). Now it is super early in pregnancy for me to be feeling these things - about 3 weeks sooner and twice as worse than I have had in any of my past pregnancies. But it's TWINS!! Twice the love, twice the magic, twice the sickness and twice the stretchmarks :)

The dad was there to share in today's news. He was so incredibly cute! He was just thrilled and kept trying to take a video on his phone of the ultrasound to text to his wife, asking all kinds of questions to the tech. With tears in his eyes he was able to call her and tell her what we saw. It is such an incredible experience to share with somebody, and when you can actually see in a person's eyes how much what you're doing means to them, it makes every little uncomfortable moment worth it.

Both sacs were measuring right on, and we even got to see a little flicker of a heartbeat in one! The tech said beforehand we would not see any heartbeat at all at this point, so that was a wonderful surprise! And we go back in a week just to check both heartbeats by ultrasound. I do have a 3mm SCH like I had the last time around, but it is already starting to clot up and heal, so I am not concerned about that right now. I brought the parents a gift of a book that shows pictures and images of a baby from conception to birth, and a calendar that will tell them every day what changes are happening for the baby. I was thinking maybe they would feel more a part of it if they knew exactly what was happening and when. I cannot wait for the next few months to hit all the fun milestones. Feeling TWO babies move around, getting to find out the sexes, planning for their arrival. It is going to be an incredible experience!! Don't get me wrong - carrying twins scares me to death! I know we are now at higher risk for all sorts of problems. But I am going to just take it a day at a time, and if there are bridges to cross I will do so when I need to. For now I am determined this will be a positive experience with the best outcome possible!


  1. WooHoo! Go Krissy and cook those babies!

  2. I posted on the SMO board and you replied and I saw this link....i'm 7 weeks with twins and also found out on Monday that theirs twins! I also have a hematoma! wow! we are a lot alike! so cool!