Monday, February 9, 2009

We have a match: Part II

So the holidays passed and I received another phone call. Another match! I waited until the agency forwarded me their profile and pictures. And to my surprise, again I felt as if this was a perfect match! They are a wonderful couple and seem so similar to Brandon and me. They are around the same age and have the same interests. So I called Brandon and said "Guess what? We have another family!". He thought somehow that I meant that I was pregnant and we had another addition to OUR family, and proceeded to almost have a heart attack over the phone :) But after calming him down I explained what I meant. They live so close to us, so we decided to just go forward and schedule an in-person meeting at the agency.

Going to meet this couple was a bit odd. I mean, how do you react to people when you meet them solely to potentially have their child for them? What a crazy situation!! I could not help but put myself in their shoes, and if it were me meeting my surrogate, I know I would be looking her up and down and analyzing every single thing about her. How awkward!! But right away I felt totally comfortable around them. They were so outgoing and friendly - the type of people you just know off the bat will be fantastic parents. And then they went on to tell their story and how they got to the point of surrogacy.

They had gotten pregnant twice with twins each time, each ending in miscarriage. They later found out that the IM (intended mother) had a blood clotting disorder which caused the miscarriages. She also has PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) where her body grows cysts on her ovaries making it really difficult to get pregnant. She had gone through an IVF cycle which resulted in frozen embryos, but the cycle made her very very ill. So long story short, it would be very dangerous for her to continue trying IVF and for her to get pregnant. And they have 4 frozen embryos left for surrogacy, which would give 2 tries of 2 embryos each time.

Everything about the couple sounded great to me! Their responses completely matched Brandons and mine and I was overjoyed that we were able to meet them and get this opportunity to help them. And they seem so happy and excited to meet us as well to get started. So, finally an "official" match. Now on to the evaluations!

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