Monday, February 9, 2009

We have a match!

Shortly after submitting my application and meeting with the agency, they called to inform me that they had found match!! I was SO excited. We had set up a phone interview for later that week and I could hardly wait to talk to this couple. The phone conversation was a 3-way between the agency, the potential Intended Mother, and myself. I was really nervous and did not know what to expect. But I had received their profile and pictures and felt somewhat like I had already known her before I spoke to her.

The phone conversation went so great! Her story about having a hysterectomy after having her son due to complications brought tears to my eyes. We totally clicked throughout the conversation. I felt as if she was answering the questions the same way I would and she made it clear that she felt that I sounded perfect for her and her husband and what a great experience this would be. They lived in Indiana, and ironically we were passing right through the area to visit family the following weekend, so we decided to meet up during our visit. Yay! I felt so lucky to get matched with such a wonderful couple. I could not wait. We had both contacted the agency the day after our interview and said we thought it was a match and I got prepared to meet them.

Then, 2 days after that, the agency called and said unfortunately they had decided not to go forward with surrogacy. Their reason was financial. I felt so crushed! It felt as if I had gotten broken up with by a boyfriend - lol! But I was seriously upset. I felt as if they had wasted my time by getting me so excited and then taking it away. But I knew that it had to be meant for a reason. There were several other options for couples at the time. But none of them really had what I was looking for. I preferred to have a couple who were close so they could take part in all of the appointments and ultrasounds. Most of the couples were out of the country, which I felt would make it more like a business transaction. You know, get pregnant, have the baby, and off the baby goes on a plane to another place on the planet, never to be seen again. So there was nothing left to do but to sit and wait.....

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