Friday, June 18, 2010

ultrasound update..

I was a complete wreck this morning. I have been obsessing over the fact that we didn't for sure hear both heartbeats last week, driving myself crazy that I haven't felt any baby movement yet, and basically set myself up to receive the news that one baby just didn't make it. I know I always get carried away with the "what-ifs" and the over-analyzing of things. I am surprised Brandon hasn't had me locked away at this point - I know he gets frustrated with me sometimes that I can't just relax. Stressing out isn't a good coping mechanism - I really need to get into a yoga class :) Anyhow I walked into the ultrasound with a massive headache and a knot in my stomach. BUT......
all is well (thank goodness!!!!!) and my theory that I can't trust my instincts has been proven once again!
Both babies are measuring right on - they were moving all around, and we found out that Baby "A" is a BOY!!!!!! Baby "B" didn't feel much like giving up the goods, so we will have to wait until our 20 week ultrasound to find out for sure on that one. I am thrilled for the parents that one is a boy. I think they were hoping for 2 boys (although of course would be happy either way), so I was thinking for sure it would end up being 2 girls, just because that's usually how those things turn out :) I am so happy for them though, and so happy for me that I can relax now and enjoy the fact that I am not sick anymore, and just be thankful. It's a good thing they don't have ultrasound machines available in stores, because I have no doubt that in one of my panicky moods I would run out and buy one - lol!
It is now time to de-stress and enjoy the weekend (Father's Day!) and celebrate with the 2 greatest dads ever in the world - my own and Brandon :)

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