Friday, June 11, 2010

Yay Second Trimester!!

Here's my little photo montage of the past few weeks of belly shots. First taken at 11weeks, 2nd at 12 weeks and the last one was taken today at 14 weeks 3 days. I am measuring at 18-19 weeks, hence the large belly for not being far along! And then a photo of the parents Joe and Ann, and the IG (intended Grandmother). We had a dinner at our house so that our families could all meet which went wonderfully. They brought really cute Blackhawks t-shirts for the kids (which are in high demand now!) and everyone got to spend some time getting to know eachother. I really wanted Leo to meet them especially, because he had been asking why my belly was so squishy. So I finally explained to him what is going on, that mommy is taking care of Mr. Joe and Miss Ann's babies until they are ready to come out. He asked how the babies got there (doctor put them there...end of story) and he wants to be there when they come out (if he only knew what would be happening, poor kid would be scarred for life!). He was really cute about it though - and at least he gets the point that they are not our babies and will not be coming home with us, which I am sure he is not too upset about. He asks how they are doing and what their names are going to be - he swears he saw one of the babies feet, which really was just my belly button sticking out kind of weird when I was laying down. The real details can be spared for him until a later (much later) time. He also decided that since my belly is fat because there are babies in there, maybe there are babies in my "boobies" too :) Haha - I guessed he's not used to my pregnancy-enhanced additions here :)

So here we are at 14 weeks 3 days - well into the 2nd Tri :) SOO happy to be here. Morning sickness is gone - hooray! My energy is coming back, although I do get tired more quickly than normal. So far it hasn't been nearly as bad as I was expecting with twins. Although I had a couple weeks where I thought I was knocking at death's door, I never did end up throwing up and am feeling pretty great now, so I feel pretty lucky. We had a doctor appointment today and we got to hear heartbeats. Well, I *think* we heard both. We got one at 147 and one at 153. But the doctor said this could have actually been from the same baby. Because they are probably right near eachother at this point, there is no real way to know. So we got to schedule an ultrasound for next Friday just to be sure they are both doing okay. And then 3 short weeks after that, our BIG ultrasound where we find out the sexes - that is such an exciting moment!

Time seems to be flying by. I am so glad I am feeling good at this point because I am really getting to start to enjoy the summer with the kids. Between picnics, parks, splashparks and pools, we are keeping pretty busy and enjoying every moment we get to spend outside. I love so much getting to spend so much time with them, watching them grow and enjoy things and just be kids. They remind me every day why I am doing what I'm doing. If I could even give a day of the joy of being a parent to somebody, I think that is pretty wonderful. So to be able to give two people a lifetime of getting to have these moments.... I just can't think of anything better!