Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24-25 weeks...

Lots of pictures to share from the last 2 weeks! Ann and Joe invited my family and my parents over to their house for dinner so we could see where these little boys are going to go home to, and to meet their two current fur-babies (2 sweet little dogs they adore). We had a very nice dinner and Leo and Carmela had a great time pointing out the things that needed child-proofing. Brandon and me think we should start a business renting out our kids to couples who are about to have a baby to figure out what they need to worry about in their home with children around. :) They have a great sense for the things they aren't supposed to touch - lol. But their home is beautiful and the most perfect place to raise their two boys - it will be so fun to watch it fill with baby gear as the time comes near.

Also some new belly shots just for fun from 24 and 24.5 weeks. It is wonderful that the pool season is over now, because I think my bathing suit is just about headed for a wardrobe malfunction. I used it for every inch it was worth - although I must admit at a pool full of pre-teen and teenage boys and girls, I swear I am a walking billboard for abstinence! I should wear a sign that states "this could happen to you!!" - haha. Their wide-eyed stares and whispering/pointing at me among their groups of friends pretty much says it all. You're welcome parents :)

We also went and got a 3D/4D ultrasound done. The first picture is Liam, the second is Luke. Sooo cute - they are really funny in there. Luke kept putting his hands in Liam's face and at one point one of the them had his butt right up in the other ones face. The woman doing the ultrasound said that the membrane between twins is really thin, and they actually are feeling/interacting with eachother. That is so cool!! It was awesome getting to see them bounce around together and get a glimpse of what is really going on in there.

It seems impossible to me that we still have about 12 more weeks to go! I just don't think I can get much bigger. But it will happen I know :) I believe starting next week is when the appointments will start getting a little more invasive - bi-weekly cervix checks, non-stress tests, and growth ultrasounds. One of the great things about right now is that we have reached viability!! The babies should be able to survive outside of the womb now, although with assistance. So now we must keep packing on the weeks to make sure their little lungs and organs develop as much as possible.

As for me, I need to find some alternatives for clothing. What do you do when elastic-waist pants and empire-waisted shirts no longer fit???!! Maternity clothing isn't panning out for me - the size I need for my belly versus the rest of me doesn't match up, so I am kinda at a loss of what's next. Is it really time already for the mu-mu's???? :) You know you're in trouble when you're working at the computer and go to stand up and your boobs are stuck to your belly, and your belly is stuck to your thighs... so hot, I know!!! :) :)


  1. I wear long skirts with either elastic waist or drawstring waist, worn beneath the belly. I bought big long maternity tanks, a couple of regular shrugs (above the belly) and one maternity sweater. My skirts are all from pre-pregnancy and I see no reason why they won't continue to fit me UNDER the belly. I'll wear suspenders under my shirts if the skirts won't stay up.


  2. Holy moly! The difference in just a couple of weeks is amazing! Good luck on the clothing aspect. I wore a lot of dresses at the end because my belly was so out there, but with twins...that's a tuffy! The u/s pix are amazing!

  3. I had to chuckle about the boobs to the belly and the belly to the legs..... that is sooo me!