Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beta #2!

Well, Beta #2 came back at 884 - not quite double, but a good number, nonetheless! The awesome news is my progesterone is back up around 39, so that is wonderful. That's a good level! So they told me to continue on my meds as usual, which means continuing the nightly injection. Last night Brandon was working until late, so I had to give it to myself - yikes!!!! It took me a good 10 minutes of standing there holding the needle to push it in - it was extremely intimidating. But like every other thing, once I did it, it was no big deal. Maybe I will just do it myself from now on (well, maybe NOT - hehe!!).
So from the first beta, I was thinking twins. But after the second one, I am definitely more thinking one took. We will find out for sure next Wednesday at the first ultrasound - yay! We probably won't be able to see a heartbeat this early, but we will be able to see how many are in there. I can't wait!!!

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