Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ultrasound #1!

So we had the first ultrasound today - ONE beautiful little "hole" (that's what the sac looks like on the screen) with a small yolk sac forming on the inside. It was measuring 5w3d, which is perfect for where we should be. Part of me was thinking we would see 2, but the idea of one healthy little baby is so wonderful! I know two would have introduced a whole new risk and worry, so one gives us a better shot of everything going as planned. Since Kendra and Tony have been pregnant twice with twins though, I was sort of hoping to be able to give them that. But in the scheme of things, one is better than it not working at all, that's for sure! It was too early to see the heartbeat, though, so we go back next week to hopefully see that amazing little flicker. I can't WAIT for that - that will be a great moment. My #s came back at 5713 for HCG and 33 for Progesterone - just right! OKAY, now another week of waiting! When you are trying to get pregnant, you always think that as soon as it finally happens the worry and stress will end, but unfortunately I don't think it ever does - even after the babies are born and grown, there is always a "next step" to think about :) The joys of motherhood!!!

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