Monday, June 8, 2009

HPTs and Betas!

I came home this past week to a couple wonderful gifts ~ the first was a stunning bouquet of flowers from Kendra and Tony's parents. The most beautiful flowers I have EVER received!! And also a statue entitled the "Angel of Miracles" from the agency I used. What thoughtful gifts!! They make me smile when I look at them. What a great surprise to come home to!

Well, I just could not resist testing after receiving these gifts and ended up testing on Wednesday, which made me 6dp5dt (6 days past 5 day transfer). This was still really early to test though, so even if it didn't come up positive, I was still in the game. I knew I was going to test that morning, so I was SUPER nervous all night long - I woke up every hour hoping that it would be morning, and at 4:30 I just couldn't take it anymore, so I got up and tested. It was so early, my eyes were burning, and so when the test didn't immediately come up positive, I got depressed and then just sat there ready to head back to bed. But a minute later I looked at it again, and to my surprise, there was a line!!! It wasn't really dark, but it was definitely there (as confirmed by Brandon as I woke him up to look at it!). So I decided I was going to wait until the next day and retest. If it came up darker I would tell Kendra. Well, that morning I did it again, and surprise, it was darker! I then went to check my email and Kendra had written that she had decided that she didn't want me to test until the blood-test the following Monday. Oh no!!!! I didn't want to make her think that I hadn't respected what she had asked of me, but I knew if I didn't tell her, she would be going crazy all weekend waiting.

So my mom had suggested I go and buy some flowers and stick the pregnancy test in the flowers and drop it off at her house. It was a great idea! So I bought a little pot of flowers and went to her house, hoping she would be there. It turned out she wasn't, but her dog-walker was, which turned out great because she was able to leave it on her counter for her. I received a call a few hours later that she had gotten the surprise. She seemed SO excited!!!!! I was so happy to be able to share this news with her - it felt so wonderful to be able to be a part of making someone so happy! I was convinced all week that it hadn't worked, because I didn't really have any "symptoms". I may or may not have had some cramping 3dpt and 4dpt, but I believe I made that up in desperation to feel something! I also was tired and cranky, but hey, if that meant I was pregnant every time I felt that way, I would be octo-mom times 10!

The beta (bloodwork) was done today, and I got the great news my # was at 484!!! I was just hoping it was over 100, so to be 484 was music to my ears! The next beta is scheduled for Wednesday. They also upped my PIO injection to every night because my progesterone level was only a 9 and they like to see it over 10. At least I had some time to get used to it before having to do it every night!!! Well, now the wait is on again. Hopefully my #s will double by Wednesday. I am still SO nervous, but at LEAST we have good news so far. That's the best I can hope for right now!

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